CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [Xbox One] – No Commentary


  1. So this is where "The numbers" meme comes from😂

    Plus I can't ignore how "scary" this is… you not being in control of yourself (the brainwashing). This could be tagged as horror 😅

    I love the SR-71s being featured with correct detail (from actual spacesuits because the cabin wasn't pressurised, to the almost-to-space altitude in which these flew) at 2:36:13.

  2. "Your turn!"
    "Come on!"
    "Step eight, Resnov – Freedom!"
    "For you mason, not me."
    I cried because a soldier planned their escape for just 1 guy to succed, and not the planner. Great sacrifice.

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