CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME 4K No Commentary


  1. Oh the irony of how gamers back then ya all complain and whining a lot saying "COD Is dead bring back MW and WW2." After when they brought the era and now again complains now saying "COD is dead I missed the epic Sci-Fi." You want to know what want to say to every single one of you, ya all bunch of hypocrite and start make of your fucken mind, haters like you all are so annoying.

  2. 2:24:53 is not a massive game-ruining mistake or anything, something that most don't notice. The guys are really far from where he grapples and they don't move, even when he is in the air. but when he lands, they appear right next to him. thoughts in the replies?

  3. The only trouble with this game and Infinite Warfare were that they came out during a time that gamers were really going through future war fatigue with so many sci-fi shooters at the time. I loved the ability to sort of play how you wanted with the upgrade tree and various exos

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