Call of Duty 3|Xbox Series X|Full Game Playthrough|4K


  1. I still play this game to this day on my Series X. I also have the OG Xbox version. I admit, I started late with it though. I got it on the PS2 in spring 2014 when I was 16 years old. I'm now 26, and still love playing this

  2. I played this so many times on ps2 and this game like the previous ones (cod 2 and cod 1) really felt like world war game nowadays all those new games with new sounds and effects dont come close to old school masterpieces

  3. Game was awesome,just sad cause didnt make it on pc.I remember playing that on my ps2 and i had a lot of fun.I tried all emulators but nothing worked.I just hope someone will port that on pc one day.

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  5. I'm still addicted to it! It is addictive, the problem with newer call of duty games is you don't have satisfaction from killing enemies, because either half the other soldiers on your side kill them first or the guns are over powered and our one shot, in call of duty 3 here you feel like your accomplishing something, you feel like the star soldier cause your doing all the work! I love that!

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