1. I still play blood of the dead on my friend’s PlayStation 4 and blood of the dead is really fun to play with bots because they feel like actual players
    But the trailer is really sad and heartbroken watching Nikolai going insane and accepting his faith And dempsey crawling at the end of the trailer.. and takeo the last one who is alive at the end 🙁
    I’m so happy how far call of duty has become. The nostalgia i use to make friends on the original call of duty black ops and playing kino der toten..

  2. It’s been 5 Years since Black ops 4 released I Love going back to this video so much hype for this
    to this day, this video still makes me tear up bro what a banger trailer and The best Zombies trailer ever
    Love Zombies

  3. First time ever seeing this trailer and while people were mad that they 'butchered' mob, they nailed the exact emotion and atmosphere that mob is, helpless and trapped in a never ending cycle.

  4. Hermoso… Este trailer es perfecto me trasmite la sensación de tristeza o desesperanzado, que trasmite este trailer al ver a los primis atrapados en este nuevo ciclo

  5. everyone who's watching in 2023/2024 or in the future don't cry because it's over smile because it happened because this was our childhood, and we raged, celebrated, and cried at the sad momments that's what we all did, so let's all thank and appreciate Treyarch for making this masterpiece 🙂❤

    also Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen I love all four of you I don't even care if they're fictional characters they were my childhood, but it's over now 🥲❤❤❤

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