1. shity campaign for a shity game. i wish world at war's campaign got a remastered version. That was the best campaign in cod history. The horror of war potrayed in that game is insane unlike this upbeat piece of shit.

  2. Can people stop saying is a bad game I bought the game for my son on Christmas and he hasn’t played it yet and he doesn’t know to just play it or return it after seeing what people are saying he is also autistic he also sead that people saying is bad need to stop is just a game and if you don’t like it then don’t play it

  3. Excellent graphics but good grief the story lines get more and more ridiculous. I understand it's a game but at least attempt to be somewhat tangential to historical accuracy instead of modern zeitgeist

  4. of course an historic battle in which the soviet union definetily defeated nazi germany is about 4 americans (and a token russian of course) defeating the whole nazi army by themselves and saving the fucking world.

  5. 22:30 Freisinger wasn't wrong about the allies helping Nazis.
    The Soviet Union, Britain, and USA all had secret programs that saved like 2000 Nazis from prison and or execution.
    The CIA had Operation Paperclip which brought over at least 700nazis including war criminals to the USA gave them new identies and clean histories in exchange for all their knowledge in whatever field they were.
    Like the mass murderer Wernher Von Braun helped the usa create NASA with his knowledge of rockets and propulsion.

  6. I never understood that when a Nazi kills someone with cruelty, it is the greatest crime in the world. But if someone brutally kills a Nazi while feeling lustful happiness, that's fine.

  7. Lmao bro they didn’t try at all I died laughing when he said Rommel. The ss executed Rommel and staged it as a natural cause due to Rommel knowing about the ‘July 20th Plot’ on Hitlers life.

  8. You know, I don't mind having this approach to controlling multiple characters in the same mission for different points. Obviously, Call of Duty has already begun doing this more, it seems, so I kinda wanna see more of it, too.

    too bad this is one of the worst most recent games of CoD…

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