Angola Civil War 1986|Rescue Frank Woods|Call of Duty Black Ops 2|8K


  1. I got told Savimbi was a hero by my father who I didn't have much of a relationship with on a phone call once. Savimbi was definetly the man to run a whole army against MPLA

  2. يوم كان عمري ٧ سنوات كنت احب هاذي الألعاب كنت اتابعه واستمتع بعد 🙂 مدري وش كنت احس يومه 😂😂

  3. Before the memes my brother used to interrupt me when i was talking to my friends by going “HERE THEY COME! HERE THEY COME MY BRUTTAAS!! FIIIIIGGHT MY BRUHTTAAS!!!!” It used to get me mad but now I miss that 😭
    Edit xD: 1:20

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