1. I'm getting so many comments complaining that the player did not die in Black Ops 3. Assuming that you've finished the game, you should've realised that the player had already died in hospital and the events/missions after that well all within the player's DNI, or you could call it a dream sequence, where the player dreams were revolved around Taylor's experience because Taylor had interfaced with the player's mind, sharing all his experiences with the player. Therefore you still are playing as the player in those missions but the events are happening inside the player's mind, it is not in reality.

    tl;dr – the player died after getting his limbs torn off in the first mission

    Edit: This video does a very good job in explaining what actually happened in the Black Ops 3 story, check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JlwL0taNhE

  2. I feel like Ethan and Nick Reyes are the only characters besides any MW1-2 character who didn't deserve to die. I don't care if you think wrong, Wolf, Mr. Davis, Farid and Baker were just side characters, and since I've never played bo3 I cant pinpoint Player.

  3. the thought of a robot. With no sympathy, no judgment or prejudices, merely a machine with nothing behind their helmets, tasked with killing you slowly is absolutely terrifying.

  4. While the deaths of characters like Joseph Allen and Roach are iconic moments. Paul Jackson’s death from the nuclear bomb is so striking.

    There’s simply nothing left. Theres no heroic send out, just people clawing to stay alive while their bodies are being fried by radiation. Dying from the initial blast or falling from the helicopter would be a mercy compared to the fallout.

  5. Both wolf and player felt so tragic.. getting an arm ripped of and your colleague getting his head smashed is too gory. I think treyarch needs too chill with the gore

  6. I think the worst part here is that Roach was still alive… But after that shot he lost all senses to all his limbs and unable to move anymore (probably also lost all pain receptors). All he can see is Ghost dead, and seeing the world as he gets burned alive.

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