7 THINGS WE NEED IN FIFA 24 ✅ – (EA Sports FC)


  1. New EA Made stadiums with 80+000 and above seats etc , so we can use them in create a club. Also the ability to properly make your own badge. Oh and be able to make new kits for the new season

  2. So in Italy we have these badges for winning the league or the Coppa Italia, just like the club world cup badge of real madrid, maybe you’ve seen it on the Milan shirt or the Juventus shirt of some years ago, it would be cool to get these added on the shirt, i’ve made the treble with an Italian year and the next season the shirt was the same of the previous season, without any new badge. It would be cool to see these added to the shirt

  3. I would like to see

    1. In player career mode my player win individual trophies like league player of the year ,golden boot or glove,youngster awards, puskas not only ballon d'or

    2. A change in the ballon d'or selection, that players should win it according to their performance and trophies not overall so that you can see even an 83 rated player win the ballon d'or

    3. More cutscences like winning awards,a players retirement and before/after a match

  4. what I want in FIFA 24 is that they change different cups each time every season if we want to keep playing the same team because it seems like every time I'm playing with the same thing I always get the same options with the same cups and the same price of the cups

  5. One thing, that i personally think would be really fun having in Career mode, is the manager being sent off.

    as we all know, in real life when a manager complains to the refs on the sideline, or disagree with their decision, sometimes they either get a yellow card, or worst case straight red.
    i think it would bring a bit more 'life' to the career mode,
    as it is in fifa 23, you can direct your players to either use offside trap, or make the players push as a team, but what if that option got taken away from you, doing that match?
    that being said, we do control the players, so it might not be 'impactful' but it could be fun to see managers like Klopp, Pep, or even our own manager just getting a red card.
    maybe they could add a cutscene to it after the match, where the reporter would ask 'what is your thoughts on getting a red?' or something like that.
    if we look at FIFA 23, you do sometimes see the 'build up' to a match where you see some highligts here and there, and in one of those, you see your team and the rival managers talking to one another for 2 secs ish,
    im not saying we should have a Thomas & Conte handshake 2.0, but it could be fun to see two managers being angry, it could possible work in a derby match, or a tournement game etc.

    it happens in real football, so i cant see why it not would be a 'fun' little features in future career modes of EAFC.

    – Another thing i would love to see in the game, is playeble games in player career mode, when you are on the bench.

    i know what your thinking, but hear me out: so right now you just get subbed in doing mid match on surden timesteps, without actually know, what your going in to, who scored the goal? how did it happen etc, if we go back in time to THE ALEX HUNTER JOURNEY, we sometimes got to see him warming up from the bench, or you got to see small peaks of how the lads are doing, and i want something close to that, but with our own player, i know a lot of people have asked for something like that, and i belive many career mode content creators, and the rest of the Career mode playerbase, would love an idea like that, im not asking for a complet THE JOURNEY 2.0 with own pro player, but just some cutscenes when you are on the bench, instead of just getting throwed in directly, and not knowing 100% what has been happening before you got subt in.

    i think where it would make most sens, is when your about to do your first debut in the club you picked, where you hear the commentators saying stuff like 'maybe the youth academy player will get his debut today, what do you think (inset fellow commentator name here)? take it as some sort of 'hype you up' feeling.

    and just to add something to @dinosaur-gamer comment, it actually would be nice to see your pro player in the youth academy, if EA wanted to go all in on it, maybe do a bit of context to the 'storyline' lets say you picked Man city, as your club, well how about the game showed you how you got noticed by the club, in the first place? i know its super unrealistic EA ever would do stuff like that, but it could be interessting to see it, at least imo 🙂

  6. Individual rivalry in career mode should be a thing, or an media rivalry, like Messi and Ronaldo, the individual rivalry shoud cause some changes in game, like you are an striker and your rival an cb, he would focus you or things like that, so it would really feel like the real life

  7. I think E.A FC 24 would need something like a timeline, in kick-off career mode you can chose what year you play the club or player as, like 2008 Manchester United with Ronaldo and replay his career accurately.

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