500K ELITE 100 PLAYER PACKS! 😨 FC 24 Ultimate Team


  1. Are we gonna talk about how expensive theses packs are? The 500k coins pack is 45 AUD (Australian dollars) and we saw about 40 of the today so ea from just this video made $1800, that’s probably nothing for ea though. But if there happy with what there doing they can keep doing it.

  2. my luck is so bad i’ve actually bought packs on my account and haven’t gotten anything insane but when i go on my friends account which is no money spent i’ve packed putellas, and totw mbappe

  3. It’s another EA wording thing, you get 50 guaranteed over 84 just 3 of them are guaranteed over 88. “47 of the 100 are 84 or higher, 3 of the 100 are 88 or higher”

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