1. As a German I often think about our country's history… Of course it was horrible. But the fact that the Naz*s almost captured Europe and after this maybe also the entire earth is quite impressive. To prove you guys my knowledge:

    US-Army and German force vehicles:
    0:02 PA-159 (most used Landing craft during D-day
    0:46 1:37 Tiger (was one of the best Tanks from Germany also can he beat 3 Shermans no problem)
    0:58 1:47 Willys MB (most used jeep from the US-Army)
    1:25 Sherman Tank (is one of the most known Tanks on the world)
    1:39 2:05 P-51 Mustang
    2:05 B-17 (flow sometimes in groups with more than 100 B-17 bombers)

  2. 2:41 Paul:Red take the shot/when Zussman died:no meds:when Stiles died:no grenades/when Aiello died:no mortar green grenades:when Turner died:no ammo on all the weapons:when Pierson died:no located enemies:when Daniels died:restart all the goddam missions

  3. Lyrics awwww yeah awwww
    Beach day here in Normandy

    Zussmen stabbed in the stomach drag

    him to safety

    intercept a train outside of Marigny

    A French chick name Rousseau She saves our life

    with resistance troops stormed the gates so that Paris we could liberate can we drink champagne ease the pain

    cause Nazis make me feel like we couldn’t recapture Europe for five years death we feared

    (Second one) cause Nazis make me feel like we couldn’t be kept for Europe for five years but we’re here sharing tears

    awww yeah awww yeah yeah yeah

    two months later we Break in to Germany outside of hotel civilian’s killed

    on the top of a hill turner makes a sacrifice

    Battle through the Snow of the Rhine

    zussmen’s gets captured by German troops take his but The way I do j*


    but I won’t give up fast save his ass

    because those Nazis make me feel like we couldn’t recapture nerve up for five years death we feare

    (Second one)caused nazis made me feel like we couldn’t recover from Europe but we’re here shedding theaters

    that is making feel like we couldn’t make up for Europe for five years but we’re here shedding tears

    nazi scum killed my son shed their blood till the war is won infiltrate in the name of French stabbed the neck resistance (troops in Spanish I’m not gonna write it I’m sorry)

    ohh whoa whoa whoa yeah yeah yeah

    I won’t go Home to my wife until my save zussmen’s Life

    cause made me feel like we couldn’t recapture Europe until now should feel proud.

    (Edit please pin me this took so long rip lol reply to me if I did it wrong I will edit it again thank you for replying)

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