Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition Trailer

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition is open at The Black Diamond, Copenhagen until 13 February 2021. …


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  1. G0tt Blaffer

    i saw the last birthday party tour.
    in belgium and holland..then the first bad seeds..aka cavemangigs all the way up to grinderman…u my dear reader…you who missed the most incredible live band of all time…no…bad seeds smack ballroom songs…no..pure evil speedfreaks on rocketfuel..
    the most agressive group in the world.. it was not however..i ve never felt safe. yet .hell dear tracy pew nick .hell these guys..where our .absolute gods…this waz when .100 people showed most..inspering awesome tragic brutal demonic suicide never sleepers…they just hide in death a while ..and wide awake…a naked nick…after 1984..i never saw nick without his shield of heroine…and Again it proved…people on heroin..are afraid..not really with us…so..i loved push the sky away..what a topper…and then it stopped..i find ghosteen obsecne..bah ..back to the i..i i..i thanks…The birthday party ..i was 16..and talked a lot to them ..played piano w nick took speed w blixa..and saw the death..of the bp…T.pew..was the most crazed stunning bassplayer ever ..howard… us skinny weird white speedfreaks…I VE NEVER SEEN A GIG..AS GOOD AS THE BIRTHDAYS PARTY…THEY WHERE STRAIGHT FROM HELL…AND THEY WHERE NEVER HIDING BEHIND A VEIL OF SMACK…NICK BECAME UNREACHABLE WELL..SOMEONE WHO S ON SMACK..IS FAKE .so
    .i never liked the bad seeds live ..and that goddamn dianne…makes me sick…hope old nick shoves some speed up.his nose..cause..i m falling asleep…ever had the feeling you are faking it???? you had it all..and like a baby ..reached for that bloody smack..still like the little funny songs..but one cares ..about some rich happy..writer who..dares to wish for a 200.000 £ piano..maybe learn to play first..? and rememember who pushed u up and up..and wrote about you when ..your giga where tiny..yet your band the greatest..kill kill kill..heroine…and ger of that bloody 70 s megatrone abd sack rhat little groupie with his ..fiddler act…all good things end have become that what you preached against..well bump into you again..when your down and out .I have a book full of B.p stories ..oooh lala..yea before nick became ..boring .SMACK KILLS ALL…

  2. 행동하는구독자

    번역이없어 한국좉갓은음악듣는다는새끼들은전부닉케이브않듣는다그건이해하는데씨발꺼번역은있어야할거아니야씨발인간들아!

  3. Min Titman

    I sat on a bench outside my home then listening to the Total silence of The Eclipse , my life was lnpainful & getting loud We had become 2 you survived Mr & Mrs Cave , We after 40 years became Me Him I expect never to meet again in this World I pray if life comes around again I get a Fresh start. I do not want to meet or Marry same Person again .

  4. TrailerParkWisdomChannel

    Always asking us to take the ride with you and walk by your side sharing the wisdom you help us remember, but you are the one leading every time, opening our hearts, every time you open your mouth to speak and sing or just feel in front of us, giving us permission to feel what we all have to walk thru in this very strange UNIVERS-ity where generosity of Spirit & kindness, even to oneself, are the only reasonable conclusion that come so late, but YOU remind us every time you walk onto a stage, where you and your band take us with you and crack the fortress we have built making a door for us to open that leads us back to ourselves. Thank you.

  5. grimble

    I'm not afraid of Nick Cave anymore. He was scary in the 80s. Now I'm probably scarier than him. :p

  6. UltraVert

    Hey there's me.. I'm somewhere in between gathering the unknowable fragments, and putting myself back together again.

    Wish me luck.

  7. Andrew Frost

    I hope he does this again in 10 years time when everyone is finally allowed out the house!

  8. BoweryDoll

    I'm in the US…our election day/week(s) is just 2 contentious days away. I voted last week. I stood in line for over 6 hours to vote, but I did it. I wish I could close my weary eyes and open them at this exhibition 💗

  9. D G

    Nick Cave, sorry to hear people critizing your music. I enjoy it very much. Trolls should be eliminated. Only good thought for you.

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