Camper Van Life with a MOTORCYCLE 🏍 RV Living with a HONDA GROM 🚌

In today’s full time RV living, van life travel vlog, we discuss camper van life with a motorcycle and how I’m going to do RV Living with a Honda Grom. Ok, so I bought a motorcycle! Specifically a 2020 Honda Grom.

In this camper van life vid, I discuss why I added a motorcycle to my RV life, why I bought the specific Honda Grom motorcycle I bought, and finally how the heck I am going to carry this Honda Grom on the back of my Winnebago Travato camper van.

When I decided a motorcycle might be an option, I wanted to find a street legal motorcycle that was light enough to carry on a camper van motorcycle hitch carrier. My Winnebago Travato camper van can only hold 350 pounds on the hitch. I wanted to be way below that weight motorcycle and motorcycle hitch carrier combined! The Honda Grom fit that bill and is a great addition to my tiny house on wheels.

Tell me your thoughts on the motorcycle I got and how I am carrying it.

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My name is Kevin, in early 2019 I quit my job to travel full time. I started out traveling from country to country, staying in each 30 days at a time. Then Covid hit! So I bought a Winnebago Travato and set out to experience van life and full time RV living. I really enjoy sharing my vanlife / RV living experiences. I discuss my best RV tips, free camping and boondocking in a campervan, the vanlife movement, thousand trails camping, cheap RV living, and living in a van and full time RV living. I also travel with a 2020 Honda Grom! Thanks coming along on this travel adventure!
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  1. George Runtukahu

    hello from Indonesia

  2. Hilde Johnson

    Hey Kevin I love your motorcycle have fun and stay safe out there

  3. aguyinback

    I'm tall are you? How do you feel riding the Grom? Did you consider a scooter? We have a Gemini 23TF on the Transit and can handle 500 lbs. We're looking at a Vespa 300 for two-up riding for the same reasons you did. We're transplanted Californians, now living in St. Charles, MO!

  4. moremoney2

    Good info. Been checking out the Grom and was thinking Murphy bed and putting it inside for cleanliness and safety. I like the light weight hitch rack. Everything seems simple. Question? Have you sourced a rack or carrier for shopping trips?

  5. Rene Ollino

    Hello from Estonia! Great system. I had the same idea a year ago and found a hitch that slides to the side. With it you can open the right back door without unloading the bike. Do you still use the same setup or has anything changed within the half year?

  6. Anthony Saturnino

    Nice man. Im a weekend warrior and carry a motorcycle in my Hiace with me since it doesnt have a hitch. It certainly does take up a lot of space. A good 1/3 of my van at least. Im currently working on a bed design to work around it.

  7. Joseph Freeman

    Very cool little motorcycle

  8. Face in the crowd

    How about a 430lb, KLR 650 on the back of a 1500 ,136 pro master? Doable with the proper hitch gear?

  9. Diana Shelton

    What is the steam guard above your stove top called? I have an older small Motorhome that we love but are upgrading some items. I would love to replace the stove hood with the glass guard but can’t find one listed anywhere. Probably because I don’t know what it is called. Love you videos.

  10. Sam P.A.

    Great share! Was wondering the same (e-bike x 2) there's two of us. I have a suzuki 200cc scooter she and I both fit on. Will check the weight. However, a bike like yours good for those back roads as you mentioned.

  11. ladybassguitarplayer

    I have ridden all my life. (not a passenger) Getting a bike was a most excellent decision for you! When I saw your new bike, I immediately thought of Bodi State Historic Park. It's in Mono County, CA. The road in, is a little rough. Your bike would be perfect for it. I LOVE going there. It's an amazing place of history. Just remember to ride like no one can see you.

  12. robinjoe1

    I bought a Hawk 250 for $1400 on Amazon for the same task.

  13. Flomaks

    You have to relocate your Plates for Law enforcement to see , Otherwise you'll get pulled over a lot. Thanks for sharing..

  14. Ara Kasarian

    Learning allot from your videos. Thanks for sharing. Looking at options for my Class B purchase. Know I want a 4×4. Selling my class A right now. Im from Irvine CA. Nice bike. Im an E Bike enthusiast right now but will have to wait and see how that works out once I find my RV.

  15. Jarett Fisher

    How has this setup been working out for you? Right now I’m between a B and B+ and currently own a triumph bonneville. I was thinking about a setup like this but would probably only work on a B+ due to weight. I’d also be worried about damaging the bike or it getting stolen. I think your idea of a cheap light bike like the Grom might be great.

  16. Snoop Y

    Great solution. Have you come up with a cargo carrying solution while on your grom?
    Joel from Baltimore, MD

  17. Proguard Pets

    my deposit is already in for the honda trail 125 but its $1000 more then yours (hhmmmm) and I have copied your setup on my hymer aktiv, which is at a slow mechanic for the past year (maybe its my 30 add ons ) thank you Sir , for future reference what I think what would boost your ratings is doing videos from time to time with the title of (lets explore what worked and what didn't work ) just an idea , good luck and stay safe , and remember the best part of the road trip may not be the end destination but the surprises that happen in-between !

  18. John McKenna

    Watching from Dublin , Ireland. Love the videos.

  19. Alex Deleon

    I can see you are new to motos. You have the van tilted the wrong way. Look at the other end of the ramp. It is way closer to the ground. I know that it is more comfortable to be on the left side of the bike so you should have parked on the other side of the crown of the road so that the right side of the ramp was lower. This makes the ramp way less steep. Also, you don't need to push it up. Riders know to have the engine on and then just modulate the throttle to give the engine a little gas to crawl slowly. The bike pulls itself up the ramp. no muss, no fuss, no running start, no huffing and puffing……..

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