1. Lauren S

    I love this channel. Best all around. 👍

  2. RockGodZeppelin

    Fisher's Hop is by far my favorite channel

  3. Mike S

    Nicely done..!

    By the way: Is there a plan available for an average female person..? Asking for a friend…

  4. Tim Halcomb

    Thanks for sharing have a blessed day in the name of Jesus

  5. Anthony Perez NorCal 17u Perez

    How much you charge for 54inch x 30inc

  6. Man.I.Literally.Failed!

    That's a Luxury prision… great job

  7. Noneya Frigginbezwax

    Another beautiful build with great dad jokes. The only thing I may have done differently was to put "L" shaped hinges on for the door so when the door was closed, it would be held in place by the wood on all four sides, but once you open the door, you could easily remove it so it is not in the way as you walk around all the time. And maybe put another set of hinges on the back to hang the door out of the way since most of the time the door will be open, but you don't always want the door where you can walk into it. OK, the L shaped hinge may not be exactly correct, but you get the idea. Mine would end up painted…I love beautiful wood grain, but I blink and my wife will paint it. To be honest, I'm surprised the wood and plastic cutting boards she bought haven't been painted yet!

  8. Logan Brauser

    I honestly couldn’t remember if I had already watched this video, until I heard the poker face bit. Yep, already watched it, can’t forget those dad jokes 😂

  9. Micah Graham

    I would just be concerned if they make a pee mess in there or decide to chew.

  10. Grizz 660

    Hahahaha square peg in the round holes.

  11. B3tt3r Prod.

    I so thought you would use some sort of piping, but that might just be my debilitating fear of metalworking

  12. Archis Karl

    He kind of sounds like grant from the king of random

  13. Brett Faris

    Awesome work. 👏 Your comments throughout are hilarious.

  14. B Lorax

    Very nice! However, I would alter the door design since for my dog we would have the door open for her most of the time and would want it more inconspicuous in this mode. I would make the door slide out from a slot below the drawer with pins trapping the top edge to swing down into place.

  15. David Cameron

    Very nice – you do beautiful work. "Kill room"…lol, I got that reference. This is definitely not the typical 2×4's and rebar, thank you.

  16. Christina deChamplain

    You're a wood working genius!

  17. T man

    memory of a golf fish, hope i can remember that one..

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