Sony Alpha 1 – The big day with Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli is a multi-award winning wedding photographer recognised for his unique style. In this video, he tests the Sony Alpha 1 at a wedding in the …

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  1. W. Kempert

    bei der Alpha 77 wurde das Display fleckig
    Super Grüße aus Berlin

  2. Peppolo

    7000 euro solo body??? Non state bene. La foto la dà l' emozione e la vibrazione del momento, il resto è solo superbia.

  3. Jude The sherif

    Ce personnage est un artiste, donnez-lui une caméra de deux MPx, je suis presque sûr qu'il en ferait autant de magie…

  4. Taras Onyshchuk

    I mean…he could do these images with any kind of camera not just this alpha1. He could've used a D850, an R5 or just anything else (with equivalent lenses).

  5. Marcin Szczerba

    hey grandpa don't say forevaaa becouse in the next 6 years sony will relase alpha 3 with 10K 60FPS video and photo 60MP be open for the future ;D

  6. mikejezo

    Yes But I believe Jason Lannier is a better sony Wedding shooter period. And it is a shame that even sony fell for the dirt this girl did. I think that you should bring him back into the program of Artisan. Because of him I bought my first sony A33 and never looked back and I sold all my Canons and Olympus . This guy is untouchable. I had most of the Sony cameras out there. And is Funny to see those who were swearing on other brands play hypocrites 😆😂

  7. Tous Ensemble

    I have sold my house, my wife an dog to get the ONE 🙂
    Random pics in that place with that gear are good anyway…

  8. Mushtaq Hussain Official

    In my experience if you have a Very good Camera Equipment plus beautiful location then even give Camera to the 10 years old boy will also take nice pictures 📷😊

  9. Neo Ethan

    Mirror less camera is not real camera when noobs can use eye detect ass detect and pussy detect the camera does everything for you, if you are noob and you want camera to do most work buy mirror less Sony camera else by iPhone 12 pro which does the same for less and more practical. IF you are real photographer use film or even a DSLR and manual focus.

  10. Neo Ethan

    My iPhone 12 pro max has better features more innovation and makes it so easy to take amazing photos, this is nothing compared what apple has innovated in camera technology embedding multiple sensors in one body and lidar scanner + Ai.

    This Sony cam looks like a dinosaur compared to the cutting edge iPhone 12 pro max camera.Wish apple got into still and video camera business so there can be real innovation.

  11. jjaylad

    What I'd like to see is how a person can process photos from a complete wedding day …shot at 50mp with bursts of 30fps. My system would choke and I can't imagine the time it would take just to 'look' at each image …let alone decide which is the best shot from a 1 second, 30 frame burst. I just can't see how this can work realistically without tens of thousands worth of support equipment and a team of people to go through the images.

  12. John Gray

    Looks great but I do wish they’d leave it to independent reviewers to give impartial feedback instead of these dress rehearsed promotional videos.

  13. Mathew USA

    Seriously Sony still has not fixed that the dust enters the sensor? Is it so difficult to do something that closes it when it takes the lenses out?

  14. Charles Netzler

    I like how they gave first access to real photographers in the field and not you tubers in a studio.

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