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  1. Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor says:

    I think this version here is streets ahead of the original; they should also consider doing another version dropping off the echo part of "rama and krishna" and stay with Hallelujah. It would be most interesting to then compare the likes on just "hallelujah" against the "rama and krishna" echo part.

  2. Erik Pehrsson
    Erik Pehrsson says:

    I hope everyone knows that Krishna is a false god and that she can’t do a single thing for you. Only God Almighty can do anything for us. That “anything” I just mentioned is when He sent Jesus to die for our sins.

  3. Rodrigo Augusto
    Rodrigo Augusto says:

    Billy Preston no piano e Eric Clapton no violão e a galera toda cantando essa letra maravilhosa. Simplesmente emocionante!!!


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