BEST RV BACKUP CAMERA WIRELESS Review and Installation 📷 Haloview RD7 Wireless Backup Camera System

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  1. Robert Ploss
    Robert Ploss says:

    I installed 4 identical looking wireless cameras and monitor costing close to $2000.. After extensive R&D, back-and forth with the vendor and exchanges I see only INSIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT: result TOTAL LOSS. One of the main reasons these will NEVER work flawlessly is interference with the ALUMINIUM FRAME of the RV, trailer or fifth wheel. My experiences were on a 20 ft Outdoors RV 20FQ and even this short transmission distance fails. We also installed the extension antennas mentioned in this video, ultimately all the way to the front of the trailer, booster transmitters and doubled up with additional antennas to no avail. We became well known to their tech support, even exchanged monitors. NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. The problems will diminish under pristine conditions, but this video is tiptoeing around the issues if you purchase these expecting these will provide consistent, useable rear view monitoring while under way. Trucks, lazar farm equipment, traffic signals, alarm systems, city traffic, cause interference and render these cameras TOTALLY UNRELIABLE. One of the most annoying problems is the need to re-pair these devices when they get scrambled by a passing truck, traffic light, etc. The device may also auto-re-pair and re-configure the cameras on different channels. So if you have multiple cameras set up on specific areas of the monitor to match and mirror left and right positions on the screen they may switch by themselves. This lead me into numerous DANGEROUS situations,; not being able to quickly determine which side of the RV i was viewing. I experienced every issue mentioned in this video but would emphasise they are much more than minor inconveniences.

    I purchased wireless because I planned on plugging the monitor into the Trailer at night. That helped lead to the discovery, that the problem was related to the aluminium trailer frame, that was later confirmed. Even withextension
    1. Intermittent , unreliable image
    2. monitor useless in daylight;
    3. low quality Black/white image at night
    4. Loss of pairing
    5. Channel switching

  2. Carl Reed
    Carl Reed says:

    I installed one of these on my travel trailer and wired it into the running lights because I wanted it on all the time. But the camera goes in and out as we go down the road. What would cause this?

  3. Blakehx
    Blakehx says:

    Thanks for the great video! Is it possible to wire the receiver directly into the nav screen of a F-150 or a Ram truck? It would be nice not having an extra monitor in the way!

  4. Ashleigh Nevels
    Ashleigh Nevels says:

    Thank you for the honest review. This is very helpful for us newbie full time RVers, especially when dealerships want to charge $700 to install.


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