Best Cheap Vlogging Camera in 2020


  1. Darby Bogden

    loolllll CLICKBAIT. this is actually insulting. telling people it's budget friendly and then posting $600 – $25,000 cameras. you should retitle. it's rude.

  2. Force Built

    Cheap is apparently subjective to your cash flow. My cash flow says that is pretty pricey..

  3. Jon Rubio

    Rather not have the screen to the side. You can tell when beginners are using them because their eyes are off looking to the side. Beginners using flip up screens almost always have their eyes appearing to be looking into the lens.

  4. PurpleLightning6was9

    Do you know what "budget" means?

  5. Angel of Neuroticism

    i looove wathing you in that room makes me cozy

  6. SonicBlue

    im downvoting cause ur idea of cheap makes u seem like a prick sorry horrible click bait video these are far from cheap idk where u get ur money but some of us but our ass physically to get it and under 1000 isnt cheap for a camera ive bought cars that i can drive places for under 1000

  7. Kailyn Jordan

    We get ur camera is expensive but you know damn well $1000 cameras aren’t cheap it’s like ur trying to flex by using that title smh we understand that it’s cheap to u but u know ur viewers are average ppl and rather spend tons of money somewhere else than a camera

  8. Vintage

    lol was looking for a camera for my gf but shit I only got less then $40 I got a long way to go

  9. Xx vanished xX

    I don't know how to but this, but you and I have a very different definition for "cheap" my friend.

  10. Honey’s House

    as soon as i saw his intro i KNEW these cameras weren’t gonna be cheap. he’s a camera guy so $700 for one is cheap bc he usually spends thousands. ugh.. annoying

  11. Natalie Eliza

    Title is misleading. Cameras are not budget friendly at all, lol

  12. Nicka Shane

    Y’all!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! He’s giving you the cameras that are going to give you good quality vlogs!!!! Yes you can find cheaper ones but the quality will suck. I mean if you want to make money you have to invest in yourself. Use your phone camera until you can save up.

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