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  1. MadBlazer89
    MadBlazer89 says:

    I prefer the Logitech Pebble M350. When I saw it at first I thought I would hate it, but actually I love it. I use it for web design on my Mac mini all the time.

  2. Oath Peterson
    Oath Peterson says:

    I just got magic 2 over night shipping, that is quick.
    I have magic 1 for iMac and I got magic 2 for Mac Pro which I thought
    it was the same as magic 1. I like the built in charger. When I can not use it ,
    I still use the pad on my Mac Pro that is fine to me.

  3. Bullet Bird
    Bullet Bird says:

    This mouse is pure trash!!! DON'T BUY IT! I am an Apple lover. All the products are pretty bomb. But this product is very disappointing.
    The first time I got this mouse, it looks so cool and stuff. But don't judge something by its cover. Once I am using it, I figured out it is too thin. It doesn't give you any support for your palm. It is also very hard to scroll up and down cuz once you are putting you two fingers on it, the mouse itself will move which doesn't help the fact that it is awfully expensive (57 USD!!!!). After using this trash for a while, I threw it away to the trash can. I guess I just used 57 USD to buy a lesson. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!

  4. Andres Suarez
    Andres Suarez says:

    I just bought this and I feel awful for such an outrageous price NZD159 not worth it yes is nice modern but, the charging port is placed in a weird place.

  5. hereforbeer
    hereforbeer says:

    I really miss the Mighty Mouse. It was bigger, more fuller hands. The 2 AA batteries gave it the weight making it easier to get accuracy while moving without increasing the response time to robotic level. Apple needs to make this bigger and add weight.


    Not being able to use this mouse on a glass table is a deal breaker for me. I can use my Logitech pebble i345 mouse on a glass table so I’m good with this one.


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