Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Image Quality review

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  1. Leesa Carriage
    Leesa Carriage says:

    So I bought my old iphone 10 Max xs in Dec 2018 and was having serious issues with it- starting off with all of the audio facilities and applications, then into the camera… just 2 months later.
    I took it to the apple shop and the only things that they could advice me to do was to do a factory reset. This continued on for 12months and after doing about 6 factory resets (so every couple of months), I finally got fed up with it (and I still fully believe that it is a hardware/firmware issue using cheap parts and rushing them out to sell, sell, SELL) and got an exchange to the iphone 11 max pro. I couldn't even get it going when I first got it out of the box, so I took it to the apple shop again and the only thing that they could do was to perform a complete reinstall of the OS.
    Great- until- just 3 months later, it started experiencing all of the same issues that I had from the 10.
    My friend also bought the 11 pro max and started experiencing the same issues as me- WITHIN 4 DAYS OF opening the box!

    (Oh and all of the apple 'geniuses' state that they have never heard of any of these phone and camera issues before, but yet there's literally tons of complaints, comments, queries and questions on the net about it all AND a former genius said that he has seen these issues hundreds of times (though he did say that it was from the icloud transfer cross-contaminating the new phone with corrupted data- which may have been my case on the iphone 10, but not the 11 as it was a completely clean and fresh install of everything after the clean re-install of the OS)
    She is a pro photographer and I am a pro videographer so we're certainly not dummies when it comes to tech stuff, especially with cameras and we are both bound forever to Macs because of our workflows, so it's also a natural part of our workflows to have iphones. (now I wish this wasn't so…)
    So over the past 18months, in particular this past 6, I have spent hours upon hours watching hundreds of video reviews, tips, tricks and insider tutorials from other professionals, tech review sites and independent individuals and this camera quality review is by far the MOST UNBIASED AND HONEST I have seen, as I have noticed every single one of these issues in all of my photos, even when I installed the Firstlight app by Filmic Pro. I wish that I hadv'e seen this review video first. I also wished that I hadv'e seen this review video first too
    SO to all of those that have commented below about how impressed they are from this video-don't be because they just showed you all of the negatives of this camera phone and if you actually want a good camera for more than just web/social media stuff, then do yourself a favour and do some more research- read everything- watch everything- talk to people- ask questions. To all of those that have commented below about running out to buy their new iphone 11 pro max now., DON'T rush.
    To the person that commented about the lens flare- yes, you are absolutely right, it happens on all cameras, but this is the most extreme that I've seen so far.
    So again, this is the most honest review video I've seen and please watch this one too- before you run out only to regret it and don't forget, get the camera thats suits your delivery needs web VS print, etc and good luck.

  2. Aether
    Aether says:

    I just got mine yesterday and tested the camera out and the pics are blurry, grainy, etc. I expected more but it’s just too bad… I think I’ll get a new one, and if that doesn’t settle it, I’ll just return it. Good thing I haven’t paid line on it

  3. Mitch & Lachie
    Mitch & Lachie says:

    We’ve actually shot 2 music videos for fun on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the camera quality really is amazing. They’re on our channel if your interested in seeing just what they’re capable of.

  4. audrey cxndar
    audrey cxndar says:

    i don’t suggest this phone for taking pictures. i just literally bought it today and i am HIGHLY disappointed. whenever ur go to your front facing camera, it almost looks like a beauty filter. better described as a smoothing filter. it makes your facial features flat and just makes it look almost washed out. i’m considering taking it back and going back to an older model. i’ve looked up all over the internet how to fix the blurring problem, and at the moment i can’t find anything. and it’s not like i bought a cheap version of it ( i bought the 512 GB version of the 11 max pro ).

  5. farhadtarapore
    farhadtarapore says:

    OnePlus 6T with Google Camera app takes much better pics in low light in it's night mode. Not so much noise as this. Tried out some pics in the apple showroom yesterday. The image quality when you zoom in to about 8 or 9x in the app before clicking, the shot is almost unusable. Not sure why they even provided that. And this wasn't in low light, it was the apple showroom, well lit.

  6. Joseph Farrugia
    Joseph Farrugia says:

    "High Level of Noise in Low Light" —> you're not using the iPhone 11 Pro's iOS 13 camera to its full potential dear friends at DxOmark.

  7. ZT4R ツ
    ZT4R ツ says:

    0:25 that is wrong… the top camera (above the 2 others) is a Wide camera, the other in the middle is an Ultra-wide camera and the one in the bottom is a Telephoto camera..


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