An Inexpensive Trail Camera! Wosoda 16MP Field Test and Review: Sample Photos Included!!

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  1. Buck Tales Outdoors
    Buck Tales Outdoors says:

    Hey Dave , just watched your tutorial for the settings and forgot how good the quality of the video was day or night. Definitely need to get a couple. And then figure out how to lock em up.

  2. Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis says:

    Is it possible that you can do a video on how to set up the camera. Push this button, push this up and all of that . What is the ok button and when you shut the door it is ready. Mine never took a picture. Thanks. First camera and this is not working.

  3. Shooter Dad
    Shooter Dad says:

    I bought a 2 pack from amazon. They work great! Unfortunately 1 of mine stopped working after 1 month. Other one is going strong. Great night pics. I guess i'll see how their customer service is. Wish me luck.

  4. WesinHF
    WesinHF says:

    Thanks for a good video. I just bought three of these cameras from Amazon. I’m going to put them out on my hunting lease later this week. I will be sure to bring my owners manual along. I hope they will work well. So far I was impressed by your video.

  5. masterski03
    masterski03 says:

    Great review! I actually have owned this camera for about 6 months already and have been very impressed! I used alkaline batteries and got about 5 months with at least 150 pictures a week Before it died.

  6. Jim Timber
    Jim Timber says:

    Wosoda !..woah !! ..most excellent.. Bill and Ted would love this 😜
    Seriously though it looks like a great camera Dave ! ..lovely images !!
    I see rent a cat got in there again 😉 Some great features on there
    Very best wishes, Jim

  7. Hip Bee Explorer
    Hip Bee Explorer says:

    Hi, Great video. We have one of these and we used it a few times and it worked fine for daylight and night vision but then it rained and the night vision has not worked since. I'm not sure why. Is there a setting to turn it on and off? I couldn't find one. Thank again. Peace.

  8. Tommy's Outdoors
    Tommy's Outdoors says:

    I must admit that I like stuff like this. Dirty cheap but does the job. If you know what you're doing and have everything dialed in you don't really need anything else. Especially when you need a lot of them or like you mentioned in high risk area. Good picture + good trigger speed. Thanks for the review, defo the one to keep in mind.


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