Alex Ovechkin shows off hockey memorabilia in Russian game room

Alex Ovechkin shows off hockey memorabilia in Russian game room

Alex Ovechkin was hanging out with his dad, Mikhail, and his son, Sergei, in his pool house back at home in Russia.

While Mikhail watched his rambunctious grandson, Ovi shot video of the historic memorabilia he hung up in the room.


What a room.

Here’s a list of all the notable things I see:

  • Ovi’s Capitals jersey and a placard from when he was drafted in 2004
  • The Capitals team picture after winning the Stanley Cup and a photo from their Stanley Cup parade
  • Ovi’s number 32 Dynamo Moscow jersey
  • Ovi’s Russian national team jersey
  • A Screaming Eagle Capitals jersey from Ovi’s rookie season
  • Photos of Ovi playing junior hockey
  • An Ulf Dahlen San Jose Sharks jersey Mikhail got Ovi as a kid
  • Four helmets that appear to be from Ovi’s Russian hockey forays
  • Several Ovi Beehive rookie cards
  • A Red Wings Stanley Cup champions mini stick, perhaps in honor of his Sergei Fedorov fanhood

Ovechkin has a ton of hockey memorabilia, including his own record-breaking game-used jerseys, goal pucks, and gloves as well as hundreds of game-used hockey sticks from himself and other star players, between both of his homes in Northern Virginia and in Moscow. Someday maybe there will even be an Alex Ovechkin hockey museum.

“To be honest with you right now, I have a lot,” Ovechkin said in February, weeks before hitting the 700-goal milestone. “My wife tell me to stop. We don’t have any space in our gym. It’s great for my family, kids, grandkids when I’m gonna be dead. My kids gonna look at it and appreciate it.”

Wayne Gretzky recently donated Ovi his 807th goal with after Ovi completed a bet (winning the Stanley Cup) while Darius Kasparitus gave Ovi a game-used stick and goal puck from the most famous play of his career.

Thanks for sharing, Ovi!

Screenshots courtesy of @aleksandrovechkinofficial


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