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  1. Daniele Siri
    Daniele Siri says:

    Tell the truth to your audience that you opened this channel only to have your hands on this camera for free! (Just joking, HQ content on this channel, wish I knew it earlier)

  2. CalebDaMaker
    CalebDaMaker says:

    The only thing I think is wrong with it is it’s sometimes hard yo see the edges of an object sometimes it looks like it’s connected to another object at first glance.

  3. tp lyons
    tp lyons says:

    Why do these companies never tell you how big an image you can get from any given model? I got a Pentax 645z and did a test image at infinity and I got an A0 sized print (840x1188mm's) and it was sharp as a tack but no idea how much bigger I can go?


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