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  1. Youi Marinelli
    Youi Marinelli says:

    this was so helpful and usefell thankyou so much legend! A6400 can i live stream straight to youtube from it with an external cord?

  2. Little Britian
    Little Britian says:

    M50 vs Osmo? Which is better? What camera did you use for your video?
    Which 1 is it, M50 EF or M50 digital? When i click ur link in us many appear as options. Cheers

  3. ToneStar Productions
    ToneStar Productions says:

    2x speed isnt fast enough, dude spit out the important crap 1st. 12 minutes in to find second camera specs my god. All specs should be addressed in 1st 2 minutes then talk about the rest so we can skip to it my gawd.

  4. Shauna Elizabethh
    Shauna Elizabethh says:

    Thank you so much! Really trying to find a great camera that doesn't cost more than half my rent lol I just started a channel and am vloggin with my phone…. not great but it will have to do!

  5. Subramanian T R
    Subramanian T R says:

    Could you tell if the M50 is really having this low frame per second that is hurting my eye, or it's some other thing. Because from your review the aspects look perfectly good, but the frames are jittery making me question why.

  6. Mercy Xiong
    Mercy Xiong says:

    4:35 is relatable. I have a Sony a5100. It over heats way too fast and battery drains way too easily but quality is decent 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Kevin Randall
    Kevin Randall says:

    Props for blade runner in the background brother! Thanks for the video, definitely going to make my final decision to buy one this week. If anyone has any suggestions for a camera that also has night vision I would really appreciate it!


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