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Image by Wilson Hui
This is what a notebook computer looks like in 2013. It’s more commonly referred to as a notebook than a laptop. The first computer that I could remember was an Intel 386 back in the late 80’s in Hong Kong. I’ve seen the explosion of the Internet along with the rise and fall of the phone line modems peaking at 56k speeds. I remember 13 years ago when AMD broke the 1GHz barrier with their Athlon. There was a time when CPU’s could just be passively cooled. The emergence of wireless Ethernet was at times painful, but welcomed. This little machine with a diagonal of 11.6" no thicker than an inch is definitely more powerful than anything that I’ve cobbled together with parts. Quite nice to have so much computing power in a rather small package. The next technology improvement that I’m really looking forward to is for the widespread adoption of 300dpi LCD screens.

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